Personalized Computer Support

Got a question? Give us a call! At, we’re here to help you. Everyone has different needs, skills and challenges when it comes to purchasing, using and maintaining their computer. That’s why we tailor our services to meet your needs. We’re open Monday through Friday for your convenience, so come meet our friendly experts at in our new, redesigned location on Chehalis Avenue! There’s no appointment necessary.

Windows, Mac and Linux Support

One of the most fundamental elements of your computer system is the operating system itself. Your choice of OS might depend upon your current level of knowledge and experience, willingness to learn new things, maintenance expectations, budget and, of course, what you want to do with the computer. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems all have their benefits and their drawbacks. Whether you’re a basic home user, an artist, a hard-core gamer, or a businessperson, is here for your computer needs. That’s why we provide personalized support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. There’s no appointment necessary to bring in your machine for maintenance or repairs. Got a computer problem? Need some advice? Our experts are always happy to answer your questions. Give us a call at (360) 740-4472.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Let’s face it, the average Windows user has infections on their computer that they don’t even know about. Your computer is a lot like your own body. As long as it is in a non-sterile environment, it can become infected. You only notice that you have a bug when it affects your system negatively. Then, you seek professional help to rid yourself of the offending bug. While there’s no silver bullet that will rid your system of every single computer bug it might have, we at aim to give your computer the most thorough cleanup possible. That’s why we developed the Clean & SweepTM.

Clean & SweepTM

At, we offer the most effective computer cleanup service available today. With our signature Clean & SweepTM service, we begin the cleanup process under the assumption that your computer is heavily infected with various computer bugs. In most of the computers we clean up, this turns out to be the case. By running a series of scans and aggressive scripts, we can efficiently locate and remove the bugs that may be slowing your system down or taking over your computer. Computer bugs aren’t the only things that can diminish your computer’s performance, though. With a Clean & SweepTM, before we even log in to your operating system, we test your hardware and perform maintenance on any repairable hard drive or memory problems. We remove rogue antivirus tools and bad security programs that are doing more harm than good. We repair network problems commonly caused by spambots and other bugs. We update your operating system and set up the latest Windows Service Packs to protect your system. We defragment your hard drive. We even air-sweep and vacuum the inside of your desktop computer, preventing dust bunnies from creating overheating problems. The Clean & SweepTM gets results. It gets your computer running like it should. That’s why more and more of our clients are choosing to get a Clean & SweepTM every 6 to 12 months and why so much of our new business is referred to us by our satisfied clientèle. Our technicians dedicate an average of four hours to each individual Clean & SweepTM, but this great service only costs you the regular fee for two hours of labor! Save yourself the extra money and frustration. When your computer needs a tune-up, get it done right. Get a Clean & SweepTM.

Complete Computer Repair

Is your computer not working properly? Won’t boot up? Freezing up? Shutting itself off? Problems with your network? Problems with Internet access? Problems with plug-in devices? Won’t turn on? Won’t turn off? Running too slow? Running too hot? Won’t run at all? can help! We offer complete computer repair for your malfunctioning desktop or laptop machine.

Data Recovery

More than ever, people are depending upon computers in their homes and businesses. We store thousands of documents, spreadsheets, e-mails, photos, videos, music files and other valued data on our personal computers. Sometimes accidents happen and files get deleted. Hardware fails. Older computers become useless and are replaced with newer, more efficient machines. When these things happen, how do you get your data back? At, we have several dedicated machines just for data recovery. We can recover and copy your data onto a variety of media such as CD, DVD, USB flash drive or portable hard drive. New Computer? Sure, we can transfer your files to the new computer! Hard drive failure? Happens all the time! Time for a higher capacity hard drive? Sure! We can replace your failing or low-capacity hard drive and, whenever possible, copy the entire contents of the original drive onto the replacement drive. When you need your data recovered, is here for you.

Used and Refurbished Computer Sales

The experts at are here to help you find the right computer to suit your needs. sells cost-effective used or refurbished computers as they become available. Stop by our convenient Chehalis Avenue location to see what we have available today!

Web Development does web development and site hosting! Thinking about growing or supplementing your business or organization with a website? can help! We specialize in informational websites and e-commerce sites for home-based businesses, small businesses and local organizations. Our goal is to help you take control of your web presence. We’ll set you up with domain names, e-mail addresses, as much web space as you need and an affordable, accessible website that you can maintain and add more content to yourself. When you need support, our web developers are always here to help.

Electronics Recycling

Bring in your used electronics and we’ll recycle ’em for free! You can feel good about recycling with us because we aim to keep as much used computer equipment out of the landfills as we can. We love getting used computers, parts and accessories. We reuse or refurbish old computer equipment whenever possible, then recycle the rest. You can feel safe about recycling with us because we always perform a secure wipe on every digital storage unit we receive for recycling. When you drop off your old computer at, you help us to keep our costs down and give back to our community. Thanks for recycling!

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