• Didja step on it? Lean on it? Drop it? Well, these things happen. Good thing dot.help can fix it!

    Problems with your laptop screen? Don’t panic! dot.help is here to help!

    We can repair your laptop if your LCD screen:

    * is cracked

    * is too dim

    * won’t light up at all

    * shows lines or bad pixels in the display

    * shows a distorted or scrambled display

    * goes dim, black or distorted when you bump or move it

    * doesn’t work at all!

    Just bring your malfunctioning laptop (Don’t forget to bring the AC power adapter!) to our convenient location in historic, downtown Chehalis. We’ve got lots of stations in the dot.help computer repair lab, so we can usually start working on your computer the same day you bring it in! No appointments, no waiting lists. Just fast, friendly service. We’re the computer support provider your friends and neighbors recommend. Just ask them!

  • Used and Refurbished Laptops Are Crowding Our Display Window!

    Just in time for school, get a great deal on a laptop here at dot.help Personalized Computer Support! We’ve had an unusual number of used and refurbished laptops available for resale this summer. Hurry in and get yours before they’re all sold!

    Today’s selection includes brands such as Dell, Compaq, ASUS and Acer with prices starting at $140. Great laptops for schoolwork, gaming, watching movies, surfing the web, social networking, burning DVDs, picture editing, live video chat and so much more!

    Prefer a desktop PC? We’ve got those, too! Our selection of used computers in stock will vary from day to day, so come on in to see what we’ve got! dot.help is conveniently located at the corner of Market and Boistfort in historic downtown Chehalis.


  • Congratulations to the Grand Prize Winner of Dot the Ladybug’s Coloring Contest, 10 year-old Jonas Hicks of Vancouver, Washington! Jonas won a Vtech® Nitro Jr. notebook. Well done, Jonas! Thank you to everyone who participated in our coloring contest. We are proud to display your artwork in our front window! Thanks also to our contest judge, Jerry Lord of the M&K Town Store in Chehalis.

    The skies over Chehalis turned a little gray and rainy during this summer’s Trains, Planes and Automobiles event. Fortunately, we had the perfect rainy-day activity for the kids who attended!

    Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner!

  • While you’re enjoying the summertime festivities in historic downtown Chehalis, be sure to visit dot.help on the corner of Market and Boistfort. We’re conveniently located across the street from the Wells Fargo Bank and kitty-corner from the Market Street Bakery and Cafe. Just look for the ladybugs!

    A local, family-owned and family-operated business, dot.help is dedicated to providing personalized computer support for the residents and businesses of Lewis County and the surrounding area. For five years, we have been providing friendly, superior service at competitive rates. We’re the computer support providers that your friends and neighbors recommend. Just ask them!

    This summer, we’re celebrating our 5th anniversary! Thank you, Lewis County, for five years of loyal support. Here’s to the next five!

    "Dot the Ladybug" is turning 5 years old!

  • Over the past year, Rogue Removal has been one of the most in-demand services we provide at dot.help. Rogues, it seems, can be contracted from just about anywhere on today’s Internet. Rogues take advantage of social engineering to frighten consumers into coughing up their credit card numbers and will often cripple the functionality of a Windows operating system until properly removed. If you are accessing the Internet from a Windows operating system, you are probably at risk of contracting a rogue. For your convenience, we have provided a Rogue FAQ to help Windows users understand and avoid this security threat. Think you may already have contracted a rogue? Bring your computer in to our convenient location in historic, downtown Chehalis or give us a call at (360) 740-4472.

    Got rogues? Don't get upset. Get dot.help!

  • Tacy the ladybug came trick-or-treating to dot.help on Saturday!

    Tacy the ladybug came trick-or-treating to dot.help on Saturday!

  • Did you know that those “universal” adapters aren’t really universal?

    The wrong adapter could cause permanent damage to your computer!

    It’s important to get the right adapter for your laptop, but you don’t want to pay extortionate prices, right?

    The affordable solution is right here at your friendly local dot.help Personalized Computer Support.

    At dot.help, we’re here to help.

  • Don’t be fooled by fake security software! Rogues like the one pictured below may look convincing, but they are malicious software! This pop-up is intended to look official and scary so that you will click on it. Don’t! Even trying to close the window may allow the rogue to install itself on your computer.

    Think you’re immune? Chances are, you’re not. At dot.help we’re removing rogues from local home and office computers every day. You can get a rogue even from a legitimate website. You can get a rogue even if you have Anti-virus or Anti-spyware tools installed on your computer. You can get a rogue even if you use a pop-up blocker with your browser.

    What should you do? Surf smart. Don’t accept anything that’s presented to you on the web before you’ve researched it and determined that it comes from a trusted source. If you’re not sure what to do, call us!

    At least 1 out of every 10 customers who bring their computers in to dot.help for rogue removal have already paid for the fake security software thinking it was legitimate. Keep your credit card in your wallet! Give us a call!

  • We have affordable new, used and refurbished computers available for sale right now! Come on in and check out the latest selection. Especially popular are our refurbished Dell desktop computers with XP Pro. These great machines come ready to go with AntiVirus and AntiSpyware tools already installed and a brand new keyboard and mouse! Continue reading »

  • Thanks to you, our loyal customers, dot.help Personalized Computer Support is still growing during these economically tough times. Because you keep referring your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, we keep busy in our workshop! We’ve recently installed additional workstations to handle the increased workload and keep turn-around time to a minimum. We appreciate your business. It’s the reason why we can keep our prices low and continue to work with you to find affordable solutions to your computer problems. Thanks for believing in us and what we do.

    Take a peek at the great buys sitting in our windows! These new and refurbished computers are priced to sell!

    Take a peek at the great buys sitting in our windows! These new and refurbished computers are priced to sell!

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