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Saturday, May 4th, 2013 ~ Here we are at the 3rd event of the Oregon SCCA season, lining up for the first run of the day. The course was a nice, fast one and the weather was perfect. What a great weekend for Autocross! Dot took First in CSP Class.



“Dot” the dot.help Miata at Maryhill in September 2012, waiting for her turn to climb!



Here are a few pictures showing some of the work Phil’s been doing on the weekends. It’s been a busy off-season!

“Dot” the Miata is going to be a lot more competitive (and safer!) during the 2013 Autocross season.


Here’s the transmission lying about after a good scrubbing. That was a lot of work!


Here’s the seat bracket I made in a weekend of teaching myself how to weld. I’m quite pleased with it, if I do say so myself.


Here I was getting ready to pull the head in preparation for milling and a valve job.


I’m very excited about these 13×8″ Spinwerks wheels with Hancook R-compound race tires. New, these wheels cost $260 apiece, and the tires $150 apiece! I was very lucky to get this lightly used set from a fellow Autocrosser for one heck of a great price.


Here’s some video of dot.help’s autocross car “Dot” the Miata at the Maryhill hill climb event this past September.

Dot placed second in her class at this event. Way to go, Dot!

1993 Miata at Mary Hill hill climb 2012 from Pappy on Vimeo.

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