• Welcome to our new location. We’re OPEN for business!


    Welcome to dot.help computer support. We have reopened for business! Our new address is:

    243 NW Chehalis Ave. Chehalis, WA 98532

    We are so excited to be open at last! We’ve been very busy these past three months and our new building on NW Chehalis Ave. looks fabulous. There’s still some moving in to do and further modifications to be completed, but our sleek new lab is up and running and computers are being repaired as we speak. We’d like to extend a warm welcome and a big thank-you to our many loyal customers who have waited so patiently for three whole months while we worked to make dot.help bigger (literally!) and better than ever!

  • As you’ve probably already heard, dot.help is moving!

    Our current location at 505 N. Market Blvd. in Chehalis will be permanently closed as of Saturday, August 27th.

    That’s right, it’s our final week here! We look forward to reopening in 2 or 3 months. Future announcements regarding our brand new location and the date of our reopening will be made here on our website.

    Thanks to all of our loyal customers for your patience and support while we make this transition. We love you, Lewis County!

  • dot.help is moving!

    We’ll be announcing our new Chehalis location soon. The move will take us two or three weeks to complete. Phil will be in and out of the office during this time, so our doors will periodically be closed during normal business hours. Meanwhile, jobs currently in our lab are still in progress. If we have your computer, DO call if you need to check in with us and DO leave us a voicemail if we can’t immediately pick up your call.

    Again, PLEASE CALL before stopping by. Until we are situated in our new place of business, normal business hours do not apply.

    Thank you, our loyal customers, for hanging in there while we make this exciting new change.

  • It’s time for some Spring Cleaning! What will you do with your old electronics?

    Wondering where to dump that old dinosaur of a computer? How about that monstrous CRT monitor taking up space in the hall closet? And the outdated laptop? Bring ’em in to dot.help for FREE recycling! We reuse and recycle old electronics, helping to reduce the amount of toxic trash that ends up in landfills.

    Do you need the files off of your old computer before it’s recycled? Take advantage of our Data Recovery services! dot.help can recover your data and transfer it to your new computer or an appropriate data storage device. We’ll also wipe your old hard drive to make certain that your personal files are safely in your control. That’s just one of the reasons why dot.help is the computer support provider you trust.

    Are you thinking about donating your old computer to a friend, a family member or an organization in need? dot.help can help! We can prepare your old computer for a new owner and provide any necessary data retrieval.

    Thanks for recycling!

  • Didja step on it? Lean on it? Drop it? Well, these things happen. Good thing dot.help can fix it!

    Problems with your laptop screen? Don’t panic! dot.help is here to help!

    We can repair your laptop if your LCD screen:

    * is cracked

    * is too dim

    * won’t light up at all

    * shows lines or bad pixels in the display

    * shows a distorted or scrambled display

    * goes dim, black or distorted when you bump or move it

    * doesn’t work at all!

    Just bring your malfunctioning laptop (Don’t forget to bring the AC power adapter!) to our convenient location in historic, downtown Chehalis. We’ve got lots of stations in the dot.help computer repair lab, so we can usually start working on your computer the same day you bring it in! No appointments, no waiting lists. Just fast, friendly service. We’re the computer support provider your friends and neighbors recommend. Just ask them!


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