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    A couple of the most common rogues we see these days are masquerading as official communications from federal government entities. These “ransomware” rogues claim that “your computer has been locked” and¬†threaten to open “a criminal case against you” if you do not pay a fine amounting to hundreds of dollars.

    If you see this kind of message on your computer, don’t be fooled! Yes, we all know that “Big Brother is watching,” but the federal government is never actually going to send you a ransom note on your computer!

    What should you do if you come across ransomware? Just shut down your computer immediately and, upon restart, if the message is still there, it’s time to bring it in to dot.help for a rogue removal. Ransomware is nasty stuff, but we can remove it and repair the mess it makes of your system! Whatever you do, do NOT send the cyber criminals money! If you already have done so, immediately contact your financial institution for damage-control.

    The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center suggests the following actions for dealing with ransomware:

    1. File a complaint with ic3.gov.

    2. Keep your legit software updated.

    3. Contact a reputable computer expert to help you remove it. (That’s what we’re here for!)

    For tips on dealing with rogues, look here. For more information about the FBI and ICE rogues, take a look here and here. Rogues and ransomware aren’t new. They’ve been around for years and they are still affecting average people on a daily basis.¬†We see them every week on computers belonging to people just like you and me. Don’t get fooled. Get dot.help!

  • When downloading the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, be sure to uncheck the box for the bonus software.

    Have you been having trouble with Flash video on the web lately? Right after an update, for instance? Well, so has everyone else! If your computer has difficulty loading video-heavy websites in Internet Explorer after a recent Flash update, try uninstalling the Adobe Flash Player from your computer, then reinstalling the latest version directly from Adobe’s website. Here’s the link: get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. For security reasons, it is important to have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer. Just don’t forget that when you download the installer, you will be prompted to also install some bonus software that you DO NOT WANT! Be sure to uncheck the box next to whatever toolbar, security tool or other junk application that’s being offered. Software is not automatically worth installing just because it’s free! Questions? Problems? Give us a call! dot.help is here to help!


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