• It’s time for some Spring Cleaning! What will you do with your old electronics?

    Wondering where to dump that old dinosaur of a computer? How about that monstrous CRT monitor taking up space in the hall closet? And the outdated laptop? Bring ’em in to dot.help for FREE recycling! We reuse and recycle old electronics, helping to reduce the amount of toxic trash that ends up in landfills.

    Do you need the files off of your old computer before it’s recycled? Take advantage of our Data Recovery services! dot.help can recover your data and transfer it to your new computer or an appropriate data storage device. We’ll also wipe your old hard drive to make certain that your personal files are safely in your control. That’s just one of the reasons why dot.help is the computer support provider you trust.

    Are you thinking about donating your old computer to a friend, a family member or an organization in need? dot.help can help! We can prepare your old computer for a new owner and provide any necessary data retrieval.

    Thanks for recycling!


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