• Didja step on it? Lean on it? Drop it? Well, these things happen. Good thing dot.help can fix it!

    Problems with your laptop screen? Don’t panic! dot.help is here to help!

    We can repair your laptop if your LCD screen:

    * is cracked

    * is too dim

    * won’t light up at all

    * shows lines or bad pixels in the display

    * shows a distorted or scrambled display

    * goes dim, black or distorted when you bump or move it

    * doesn’t work at all!

    Just bring your malfunctioning laptop (Don’t forget to bring the AC power adapter!) to our convenient location in historic, downtown Chehalis. We’ve got lots of stations in the dot.help computer repair lab, so we can usually start working on your computer the same day you bring it in! No appointments, no waiting lists. Just fast, friendly service. We’re the computer support provider your friends and neighbors recommend. Just ask them!

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