• Used and Refurbished Laptops Are Crowding Our Display Window!

    Just in time for school, get a great deal on a laptop here at dot.help Personalized Computer Support! We’ve had an unusual number of used and refurbished laptops available for resale this summer. Hurry in and get yours before they’re all sold!

    Today’s selection includes brands such as Dell, Compaq, ASUS and Acer with prices starting at $140. Great laptops for schoolwork, gaming, watching movies, surfing the web, social networking, burning DVDs, picture editing, live video chat and so much more!

    Prefer a desktop PC? We’ve got those, too! Our selection of used computers in stock will vary from day to day, so come on in to see what we’ve got! dot.help is conveniently located at the corner of Market and Boistfort in historic downtown Chehalis.



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